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Why join us?

Paper-based packaging solutions are currently the most promising way for offering packaging that can be recycled in channels already in place. They can also be compostable and naturally degradable if a more virtuous end of life was not possible.
The main challenges to be met are – first – to be able to make the papers resistant to water. Whether it is liquid water or water vapor. Second challenge – barriers to gases (oxygen and water vapour) in order to protect food or cosmetic products.

The solutions initially developed in the LGP2 and SIMAP laboratories make it possible to consider wrapping food or products that were previously inaccessible to paper. This is what CILKOA proposes to implement on an industrial scale.


Make it accessible to paper and cardboard the packaging fields previously reserved for plastics.

Offering the best of both worlds:
✔ The functionalities of the plastics used today in packaging.
✔ The exemplary life cycle of cellulosic materials


Become one of the reference solutions worldwide in the field of sustainable packaging.

A very small environmental impact but a big one on the packaging industry!


Team spirit, creativity, efficiency, make it simple, all with pleasure as the driving force.

We intend to succeed in this challenge without giving up our strong human values.

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