Last news

December, 2022

We have been selected to be part of the 2023 promotion of the CITEO accelerator, the French player in Extended Producer Responsibility, for paper and packaging

November, 2022


First participation to ALL4PACK Emballage Paris, international fair that offers a Packaging, Processing, Printing and Logistics offer for all sectors of activity related to the packaging and intralogistics sectors.

July, 2022

i-Lab award winner

Competition operated by Bpifrance and part of the France 2030 plan. The 25th edition of the i-Lab Innovation Competition aims to detect projects for the creation of innovative technology companies and to support the best of them thanks to financial assistance and appropriate support.

June, 2022

Company creation !

July, 2021

i-PhD award winner

Competition operated by Bpifrance, that was created to stimulate the entrepreneurial dynamic of young doctors and to better support the development of deeptech start-ups in conjunction with public research establishments and their ecosystem of valuation.

May, 2019

Maturation & Incubation phases at SATT Linksium.

May, 2018

Launch of the MayBi project. Recruitment of Erwan for a post doctoral position contract.

December, 2017

Initiation of the idea by Frédéric Mercier and Julien Bras. Mixing skills about gas phase processes (SIMAP laboratory) and paper industry (LGP2 laboratory)